You don’t need to change your body to be happy and your most authentic self. Let’s put the pressure on your wardrobe to change and be exactly what you need right now!

be the you you've always imagined now!

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"I am now able to wear all my clothes to their fullest potential and enjoy the day rather than constantly worrying about uncomfortable elements.

There is more freedom in expression through my clothing"


Going in and out of lockdown really forced me to do some soul searching, I felt like I needed a fresh start beginning with my wardrobe because I was so uninspired by what was hanging in there. I delved a little deeper and realised I never asked myself "Who are you really?  What do you want? Who do you want to be?" For the first time in my life I actually gave myself the time, space and PERMISSION to truly find my own style. To find how I wanted to truly express myself, not what I thought I "SHOULD" wear or what I thought others wanted me to wear.  So I put myself through this service I now offer you and it was a GAMECHANGER!

I cannot tell you how much better I feel. I’ve never felt more confident, inspired, happier and connected to my wardrobe but most importantly myself. I am already getting so many more compliments on my outfits and I think it’s because I truly feel like the real me for the first time. It has been such an exciting exercise to find out who I really am and now I love getting dressed every morning! The best part... I didn't need to buy any new clothes or change anything about my body!!

My journey

I was feeling so disconnected from my own wardrobe!

"Your service helped remind me that we aren't all the perfect shape or size that manufacturers use to make their clothes. It's given me a boost to know that I can have my clothes altered to fit me"


"I had a few pieces I loved but just weren't working for one reason or another and I didn't want to throw them away, so getting them altered/refreshed seemed like a great option. Working with Bethany allowed me to hit refresh on my existing wardrobe, which is great from both a sustainable perspective but also because these pieces were some of my favourites but I wasn't wearing them."


"Thanks Beth for the attention to detail and care with which you transformed each piece of clothing! I now have many more outfit combinations using my favourite pieces of clothes. I am now also open to the endless possibilities in which clothes can be refashioned and am excited to trying my hand at sewing at home!"


"I had multiple pieces altered and I was so happy it felt like I had a whole new wardrobe. I am excited to wear them again."


"Beth is so practical, knowledgeable, super friendly, goes the 10000th mile to make sure the items I were looking to alter fit me well. She would also come up with all these marvelous suggestions that I wouldn't have thought of! Or if I suggested something, she'd be like 'oh love it,' or would then suggest something else to make it more on point."


"I have gained several outfits I feel 100% confident in. I can utilise more of my wardrobe and I have gained more confidence and ease of being myself"


"I had clothes that I wasn't wearing but still loved but I was not confident to make the changes myself. After I met Beth I liked her ethos and youth. I now have 5 new pieces of clothing to wear! Also I have become more committed to upcycle and recycle rather than make from scratch."



It can be an intimidating thing to welcome someone into your home and then into your wardrobe then to discuss all your issues and then proceed to get changed in front of them. Let me ease your mind if you're worried or insecure about anything because trust me when I say I've seen it all... I've seen it ALL. (If we meet remind me to tell you that story!)

But I will be as gentle as possible and take everything at your pace. My biggest goal when meeting is to help you feel excited when you get dressed each morning. To know that everything you put on is going to be fit your body and style as well as being comfortable!

We will go through your wardrobe, identify your favourite pieces so I can get to know your style. Then we will discuss what you aren't wearing and really delve into why. Then I can provide multiple ideas on how we can fix those pieces to be exactly what you need right now. 

What to expect

I want to ensure you are as comfortable as possible

"I was a tiny bit nervous about what to expect but Bethany was amazing, put me at ease, had lots of great ideas and made the whole process really enjoyable.

If you're hesitant, absolutely go for it! Bethany is beautiful to work with and wants to help you get the most out of your existing wardrobe.


Find a package that suits you

I will transform up to 5 pieces in my studio so they become something that is perfect for you. If you are feeling inspired and want to do more, then the Aligned and Empowered service is for you!!


Over 1 hour we will discuss why you aren't wearing the clothes that need to be fixed and I will show you multiple ways it can be transformed.


Stepping into You

- $580 -

Over 4 hours, we will deep dive into your wardrobe and find what you love, what needs to be re-created and what needs to go.


Aligned and Empowered

Using Pinterest as inspiration, we will find multiple outfit combinations similar to that inspiration and compile that list into a recourse you can refer to at any time. This will get you excited about what’s already hanging in your wardrobe and where the gaps for new pieces are.


We will discuss all the ways we can re-create those unworn pieces into ones that match your inspiration and fill the gaps in your wardrobe. Then I will transform up to 15 pieces in my studio so they are truly, uniquely yours.


Step into the you who you were meant to be and feel completely connected to your wardrobe and most importantly your authentic self with your new pieces. 


- $1950 -

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"Don't hesitate at all! In fact, you'd regret not reaching out. A whole new wardrobe and ideas await if you'd just ring Beth."


If you are ready to book or have any questions at all get in touch with me today. I would love to book in a FREE discovery call so we can discuss your specific needs and find the best package for you

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